UWGC respects the privacy and wishes of our donors.

Accordingly, when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and/or confidentiality, it is the policy of UWGC to keep strictly confidential all information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their names, the names of their beneficiaries, the exact amount of the gift, the size of the estate, and any other information for which there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and/or confidentiality. All staff, board members and volunteers are advised that they must treat all information they obtain through their involvement with UWGC as confidential.

Unless a donor advises UWGC in writing at the time of the gift of the donor's desire to remain anonymous and not be included in published lists of donors, donor names and the category of any sponsorship may be published.

Donors are welcome to make a written request and receive a complete copy of their donation records at any time. Only authorized UWGC staff, volunteers and board members are permitted to view donor files. UWGC does not sell or share its donor or prospective donor mailing lists with any other organization.

Donors and prospective donors may opt out of fundraising mailings, whether electronic or printed, by notifying UWGC via telephone, letter, email or in person or by completing the opt-out instructions provided with mailing

Contact to inquire about your personal data or security concerns.

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Donor & Data Privacy Policy