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EMployee Campaign Coordinator (ECC)

As the Campaign Coordinator of your company you play an extremely important role in the success of the entire campaign.

You will be working with your CEO, team members and United Way Staff.

Your Role Includes

  • Educating employees about United Way
  • Promoting your company's campaign events and activities
  • Asking each employee to invest in our community.  Use presentations or one on one ask.
  • Distribute and collect pledge cards and other materials
  • Answer questions

Steps to a successful campaign

  • Secure CEO support
  • Build a winning team to help
  • Plan your campaign with the help of your team
  • Determine your goal
  • Include Leadership Giving
  • Promote United Way
  • Make the Ask
  • Report results timely and accurately
  • Say Thank you to everyone involved
  • Wrap up your campaign