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Community Investment Process

Community Invest Process Overview

The Community Investment Team (CIT), formed by 40 local volunteers, analyze the most critical needs in each of the focus areas, (1) YOUTH, (2) SUSTAINABILITY and (3) HEALTH. The team develop visions and establish intended results for each one. Partner Agencies apply for program funding based on the visions and intended results in the three areas. The Community Investment Team volunteers review the program applications and conduct site visits to the partner agencies to learn precisely what their programs do for the community, and how efficient and effective the partner agencies are at meeting the key community needs. After interviewing the partner agencies regarding their programs, the Community Investment Team make their funding recommendations to the Community Investment Committee. The Community Investment Committee consists of 8 local volunteers who analyze the Community Investment Team funding recommendations, approve and recommend to the United Way of Grayson County Board of Directors. The United Way of Grayson County Board of Directors has the final approval of the funding recommendations. Funded Partner Agencies are required to submit semi-annual reports on the progress of their program’s outcomes.  This allows United Way of Grayson County to hold our partner agencies accountable and see the community impact of their programs.

Click here for the Core Funding Guidelines pdf file